Package com.ardor3d.util.export.binary

Examples of com.ardor3d.util.export.binary.BinaryImporter.load()

                String resource = closest.source + ".a3d";
                URL url = ResourceLocatorTool.getClassPathResource(BMFontProvider.class, resource);
                try {
                    if (url != null) {
                        final BinaryImporter binaryImporter = new BinaryImporter();
                        closest.bmFont = (BMFont) binaryImporter.load(url);
                    } else {
                        // Not found, load from .fnt
                        resource = closest.source + ".fnt";
                        url = ResourceLocatorTool.getClassPathResource(BMFontProvider.class, resource);
                        closest.bmFont = new BMFont(new URLResourceSource(url), false);
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        final BinaryExporter exporter = new BinaryExporter();, bos);
        final ByteArrayInputStream bis = new ByteArrayInputStream(bos.toByteArray());
        final BinaryImporter importer = new BinaryImporter();
        final Savable sav = importer.load(bis);
        return (MeshData) sav;

     * Builds data based on an instance controller element.
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