Package websphinx

Examples of websphinx.Crawler

        if ((param = getParameter ("log")) != null)
            workbench.setLoggerVisible (isTrue (param));

        Crawler crawler = workbench.getCrawler();

        String action = getParameter ("action");
        if (action != null) {
            String filename = getParameter ("filename");
            String pattern = getParameter ("pattern");
            if (action.equalsIgnoreCase ("concatenate"))
                crawler.setAction (new ConcatAction (filename, true));
            else if (action.equalsIgnoreCase ("save"))
                crawler.setAction (new MirrorAction (filename, true));
            else if (action.equalsIgnoreCase ("visualize")) {
                crawler.setAction (null);
                //workbench.setGraphVisible (true);
            else if (action.equalsIgnoreCase ("extract"))
                crawler.setAction (new ExtractAction (new Tagexp (pattern),
                                                  true, filename, false));
            else if (action.equalsIgnoreCase ("none"))
                crawler.setAction (null);
                throw new RuntimeException ("unknown action: " +action);
        String urls = getParameter ("urls");
        if (urls != null)
            try {
                crawler.setRootHrefs (urls);
            } catch ( e) {
                throw new RuntimeException (e.toString());
        String domain = getParameter ("domain");
        if (domain != null) {
            if (domain.equalsIgnoreCase ("server"))
                crawler.setDomain (Crawler.SERVER);
            else if (domain.equalsIgnoreCase ("subtree"))
                crawler.setDomain (Crawler.SUBTREE);
                crawler.setDomain (Crawler.WEB);
        String type = getParameter ("type");
        if (type != null) {
            if (type.equalsIgnoreCase ("images+hyperlinks"))
                crawler.setLinkType (Crawler.HYPERLINKS_AND_IMAGES);
            else if (type.equalsIgnoreCase ("all"))
                crawler.setLinkType (Crawler.ALL_LINKS);
                crawler.setLinkType (Crawler.WEB);

        String depth = getParameter ("depth");
        if (depth != null)
            crawler.setMaxDepth (Integer.parseInt (depth));

        String dfs = getParameter ("depthfirst");
        if (dfs != null)
            crawler.setDepthFirst (isTrue (dfs));

        workbench.setCrawler (crawler);

        setLayout (new BorderLayout ());
        add ("Center", workbench);
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