Package org.quorum.symbols

Examples of org.quorum.symbols.FileDescriptor

    public CompilerFileDescriptor getFileDescriptor(FileObject file) {
        if(file != null) {
            File ioFile = org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.toFile(file);
            //ask the virtual machine for a fileDescriptor of a different type
            FileDescriptor fd = virtualMachine.getSymbolTable().getFileDescriptor(ioFile.getAbsolutePath());
            if(fd == null && !hasBuiltAllOnce()) {//try compiling if we haven't already
                Project project = FileOwnerQuery.getOwner(file);
                fd = virtualMachine.getSymbolTable().getFileDescriptor(ioFile.getAbsolutePath());
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        //get the subSequence that is highlighted
        CharSequence subSequence = pr.getSnapshot().getText().subSequence(startPosition+1, endPosition);
        FileDescriptor file = vm.getSymbolTable().getFileDescriptor(FileUtil.toFile(qpr.getSnapshot().getSource().getFileObject()).getAbsolutePath());
        Iterator<ClassDescriptor> classes = file.getClassIterator();
        ClassDescriptor clazz = null;
        while(classes.hasNext()) {
            clazz =;
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        return files.hasNext();

    public CompilerFileDescriptor next() {
        FileDescriptor file =;
        QuorumFileDescriptor hfd = new QuorumFileDescriptor();
        return hfd;
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