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Examples of javax.cache.Status

   * @param jcache backing JCache Cache instance
   * @param allowNullValues whether to accept and convert null values for this cache
  public JCacheCache(javax.cache.Cache<?,?> jcache, boolean allowNullValues) {
    Assert.notNull(jcache, "Cache must not be null");
    Status status = jcache.getStatus();
        "A 'started' cache is required - current cache is " + status.toString());
    this.cache = jcache;
    this.allowNullValues = allowNullValues;
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* @since 5.3
public class JStatusConverter {

   public static Status convert(ComponentStatus status) {
      Status convertedStatus;
      switch (status) {
         case FAILED:
         case TERMINATED:
         case STOPPING:
            convertedStatus = Status.STOPPED;
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