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Keys are generally obtained through key generators, certificates, or various Identity classes used to manage keys. Keys may also be obtained from key specifications (transparent representations of the underlying key material) through the use of a key factory (see {@link KeyFactory}).

A Key should use KeyRep as its serialized representation. Note that a serialized Key may contain sensitive information which should not be exposed in untrusted environments. See the Security Appendix of the Serialization Specification for more information. @see PublicKey @see PrivateKey @see KeyPair @see KeyPairGenerator @see KeyFactory @see KeyRep @see @see Identity @see Signer @version 1.57 06/04/21 @author Benjamin Renaud

      try {
        File centraViewLicenseFile = LicenseUtil.getCentraViewLicenseFile(dataSource);
        byte[] encyptedData = LicenseUtil.readLicenseFileFromDisk(centraViewLicenseFile);
        byte[] encryptedLicenseFile = LicenseUtil.getLicenseFromLicenseFile(encyptedData);
        byte[] encryptedKey = LicenseUtil.getKeyFromLicenseFile(encyptedData);
        Key blowfishKey = LicenseUtil.decryptBlowfishKey(encryptedKey);

        Properties licenseFile = LicenseUtil.decryptLicenseFile(blowfishKey, encyptedData);

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      props.setProperty(PROPS_INDIVIDUAL_KEY, individualName);
      props.setProperty(PROPS_CV_VERSION_KEY, CentraViewConfiguration.getVersion());
      logger.debug("fetchLicenseFile: ServerProperties being sent: ");

      Key blowfishKey = LicenseUtil.generateBlowfishKey();
      byte[] encryptedServerData = LicenseUtil.encryptServerData(blowfishKey, props);
      byte[] encryptedBlowfishKey = LicenseUtil.encryptBlowfishKey(blowfishKey);
      Byte[] byteArrayServerData = (Byte[])LicenseUtil.convertToObjectArray(encryptedServerData);
      Byte[] byteArrayKeyData = (Byte[])LicenseUtil.convertToObjectArray(encryptedBlowfishKey);
      byte[] encryptedResponse = LicenseUtil.obtainLicenseFile(byteArrayKeyData, byteArrayServerData);
      logger.debug("fetchLicenseFile: Response Size: "+encryptedResponse.length+" bytes.");
      if (encryptedResponse.length < 1) {
        throw new AxisFault(SERVER_DOWN_MESSAGE);
      logger.debug("fetchLicenseFile: Writing new license to disk.");
      File centraViewLicenseFile = LicenseUtil.getCentraViewLicenseFile(dataSource);
      LicenseUtil.writeLicenseFileToDisk(encryptedResponse, centraViewLicenseFile);
      logger.debug("fetchLicenseFile: Decrpting License.");
      byte[] encryptedLicenseFile = LicenseUtil.getLicenseFromLicenseFile(encryptedResponse);
      byte[] encryptedKey = LicenseUtil.getKeyFromLicenseFile(encryptedResponse);
      Key newBlowfishKey = LicenseUtil.decryptBlowfishKey(encryptedKey);
      Properties licenseFile = LicenseUtil.decryptLicenseFile(newBlowfishKey, encryptedLicenseFile);
      logger.debug("fetchLicenseFile: The recieved license file:");
      //do SHA to make sure is valid
      //save data to database.
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    return returnByteArray;
  } //end of encryptServerData method

  private static final Key generateBlowfishKey()
    Key key = null;
    try {
      KeyGenerator keyGenerator = KeyGenerator.getInstance("Blowfish");
      key = keyGenerator.generateKey();
    } catch (Exception e) {
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     * @return a new SymmetricCryptor
     * @throws CryptoException
    public static SymmetricCryptor getSymmectricCryptor() throws CryptoException {
        Key key = generateKey();
        return new SymmetricCryptor(key);
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    InputStream stream = keyResource.openStream();
    try {
        KeyStore store = KeyStore.getInstance("JCEKS"); //$NON-NLS-1$
        store.load(stream, DEFAULT_STORE_PASSWORD.toCharArray());
        Key key = store.getKey(DEFAULT_ALIAS, DEFAULT_STORE_PASSWORD.toCharArray());
        return new SymmetricCryptor(key);
        } catch (GeneralSecurityException e) {
            throw new CryptoException(e);
    } finally {
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     * @param key
     * @return a new SymmetricCryptor
     * @throws CryptoException
    public static SymmetricCryptor getSymmectricCryptor(byte[] key) throws CryptoException {
        Key secretKey = new SecretKeySpec(key, DEFAULT_SYM_KEY_ALGORITHM);
        return new SymmetricCryptor(secretKey);
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    // Create the key manager factory used to extract the server key
    KeyStore key_store = loadKeyStore();
    final Key key = key_store.getKey( alias, SESecurityManager.SSL_PASSWORD.toCharArray());
    if ( key == null ){
      return( null );
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        System.out.println("store.load(null, password.toCharArray());");
        //System.out.println("keystore provider="+store.getProvider().getName());
        Enumeration<String> en = store.aliases();
        while (en.hasMoreElements()) {
            String alias = en.nextElement();
            Key key = store.getKey(alias, password.toCharArray());
            System.out.println("KeyFactory keyFactory = KeyFactory.getInstance(\"" + key.getAlgorithm() + "\");");
            System.out.println("store.load(null, password.toCharArray());");
            String pkFormat = key.getFormat();
            String encoded = StringUtils.convertBytesToHex(key.getEncoded());
            System.out.println(pkFormat + "EncodedKeySpec keySpec = new " + pkFormat + "EncodedKeySpec(getBytes(\""
                    + encoded + "\"));");
            System.out.println("PrivateKey privateKey = keyFactory.generatePrivate(keySpec);");
            System.out.println("Certificate[] certs = {");
            for (Certificate cert : store.getCertificateChain(alias)) {
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    } else {
      c = _contextCipher;

    Key ret;

    try {   
      c.init(Cipher.UNWRAP_MODE, _key);
      ret = c.unwrap(encryptedBytes, jceKeyAlgorithm, Cipher.SECRET_KEY);
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   public Key getKey(String alias, String serviceAuthToken) throws Exception
      log.debug(this + " got request for key with alias '" + alias + "'");
      Key key = keyStore.getKey(alias, keyStorePassword);
      if (key == null || key instanceof PublicKey)
         return key;
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