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        // Cookies
        CookieStore cookieStore = getHttpClient().getCookieStore();
        if (cookieStore != null)
            StringBuilder cookies = convertCookies(cookieStore.get(request.getURI()), null);
            cookies = convertCookies(request.getCookies(), cookies);
            if (cookies != null)
                request.header(HttpHeader.COOKIE.asString(), cookies.toString());
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            public boolean removeAll() {
                return false;
        CookieStore store = new DummyStore();
        CookieManager cookieManager = new CookieManager(store,
        assertEquals("A dummy store", ((DummyStore) cookieManager
        assertSame(store, cookieManager.getCookieStore());
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     * @since 1.6
    public void test_GetCookieStore() {
        CookieManager cookieManager = new CookieManager();
        CookieStore store = cookieManager.getCookieStore();
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    private class Configurator extends ClientEndpointConfig.Configurator
        public void beforeRequest(Map<String, List<String>> headers)
            CookieStore cookieStore = getCookieStore();
            List<HttpCookie> cookies = cookieStore.get(URI.create(getURL()));
            if (!cookies.isEmpty())
                List<String> cookieHeader = headers.get("Cookie");
                if (cookieHeader == null)
                    cookieHeader = headers.get("cookie");
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