Package it.eng.spagobi.engines.qbe

Examples of it.eng.spagobi.engines.qbe.FormState

      try {
        JSONObject jsonEncodedFormState = getAttributeAsJSONObject(FORM_STATE);
        FormState formState = getEngineInstance().getFormState();
          formState = new FormState();

      } catch (Exception e) {
        logger.debug("No Form State defined");
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      super.service(request, response);
      QbeEngineInstance engineInstance = getEngineInstance();
      Assert.assertNotNull(engineInstance, "It's not possible to execute " + this.getActionName() + " service before having properly created an instance of EngineInstance class");
      FormState fs = engineInstance.getFormState();
      Assert.assertTrue(fs != null && fs.getConf() != null,
          "It's not possible to execute " + this.getActionName() + " service before having properly created a form template");
      setAttribute(FormEngineStartAction.ENGINE_INSTANCE, engineInstance);
    } catch(Throwable e) {
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   * @return
   * @throws JSONException
  protected JSONObject loadSmartFilterFormValues() throws JSONException{
    FormState formState = getEngineInstance().getFormState();
    if (formState == null) {
      return null;
    } else {
      return  formState.getFormStateValues();
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      qbeEngineInstance.setAnalysisMetadata( getAnalysisMetadata() );
      // initializes form state, if not already initialized (starting a new form definition)
      FormState formState = qbeEngineInstance.getFormState();
      if (formState == null) {
        logger.debug("Initializing a new form state object...");
        formState = new FormState();
        formState.setConf(new JSONObject());
      //Integer subObjectId = getAttributeAsInteger("subobjectId");
      //get the form values saved (if the user has loaded a subobject)
      analysisFormState = new SmartFilterAnalysisState();
      analysisFormState.load( getAnalysisStateRowData() );
      //save the map id-->field name
      qbeEngineInstance.getEnv().put("TEMPLATE", getTemplateAsSourceBean());
      String docId = this.getAttributeAsString("formDocumentId");
      if(docId != null) qbeEngineInstance.getEnv().put("DOCUMENT", docId);
      else {
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