Package eu.scape_project.planning.model.interfaces.actions

Examples of eu.scape_project.planning.model.interfaces.actions.IPreservationAction

    private void runPreservationAction(Alternative a) {
        if (!a.isExecutable()) {

        IPreservationAction action = PreservationActionServiceFactory.getPreservationAction(a.getAction());

        if (action == null) {
            String msg = String
                    "Preservation action %s - %s is not registered or accessible and cant be executed. (Please check the registry.)",
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            } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
                return null;

            if (serviceLocator instanceof IPreservationAction) {
                IPreservationAction locator = (IPreservationAction) serviceLocator;
                return locator;
            } else {
                throw new IllegalArgumentException(actionClassname + " is not a PreservationAction service.");
        } catch (Exception e) {
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