Package eu.scape_project.planning.model.beans

Examples of eu.scape_project.planning.model.beans.MigrationResult

        long start = System.nanoTime();
        String settings = "";
        if (action.isExecute()) {
            settings = action.getParamByName("settings");
        MigrationResult result = service.migrate(digitalObject.getData().getData(), action.getUrl(), settings);
        setResultName(result, digitalObject);

        long duration = (System.nanoTime() - start) / (1000000);
        service.addExperience(result.getFeedbackKey(), action.getUrl(), new Measurement("roundtripTimeMS", new Double(
        return result;
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    public boolean perform(Alternative alternative, SampleObject sampleObject) throws PlatoException {
        MigrationResult result = migrate(alternative, sampleObject);
        return result.isSuccessful();
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     * and collects their results.
     * Forwarding is done sequentially, one AFTER the other.
    public MigrationResult migrate(byte[] data, String toolID, String params) {
        MigrationResult result = new MigrationResult();
        StringBuffer report = new StringBuffer();
        for (IMigrationEngine engine: engines) {
            // execute tool on all migration engines (ideally in parallel)
            report.append("migrating with engine "+engine.getName()+":\n");
            MigrationResult r = engine.migrate(data, toolID, params);
            report.append(r.getReport()).append("\n------------------- ------------\n");

            // get all performance data and put them together in the order the engines are defined
            for (Measure measure : engine.getMeasures()) {
            for (Measurement m : r.getMeasurements().values()) {
                if (m.getMeasureId().contains(":normalised")) {
            }// TODO define proper models and IDs for these measurements
            // Let's be nice for now - we can still get more defensive later on
            // and check consistency, i.e. identity of the produced byte arrays, etc.
            if (r.isSuccessful()) {
        normaliseMeasurements(result, toolID);
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    public MigrationResult migrate(byte[] data, String toolID, String params) {
        ToolConfig config = getToolConfig(toolID)