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    public void testExtract1() throws Exception {
        String pattern = "(" + verb + np + prep + "|" + verb + ")+";
        RegexExtractor extractor = new RegexExtractor(pattern);
        Iterable<ChunkedExtraction> extrIter = extractor.extract(sent1);
        List<ChunkedExtraction> extrs = new ArrayList<ChunkedExtraction>();
        Iterables.addAll(extrs, extrIter);
        Assert.assertEquals(1, extrs.size());

        ChunkedExtraction extr = extrs.get(0);
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  ExtractorUnion<ChunkedSentence, ChunkedExtraction> e2;
  ExtractorUnion<ChunkedSentence, ChunkedExtraction> e3;

  public void setUp() throws Exception {
    RegexExtractor r1 = new RegexExtractor("wants_tok to_tok");
    RegexExtractor r2 = new RegexExtractor("go_tok to_tok");
    RegexExtractor r3 = new RegexExtractor("to_tok go_tok to_tok");
    e1 = new ExtractorUnion<ChunkedSentence, ChunkedExtraction>();
    e1.addMapper(new MergeOverlappingMapper());
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