Package com.sun.messaging.ums.provider.openmq

Examples of com.sun.messaging.ums.provider.openmq.ProviderBrokerInfoService

    private static ProviderBrokerInfoService service = null;
    public static void init (Properties props) throws JMSException {
        //props = props;
        service = new ProviderBrokerInfoService();
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     * @return  The service implementation must construct a proper formatted
     * java string object and return as the request response.
     public ReadOnlyResponseMessage request (ReadOnlyRequestMessage request) {
        ProviderBrokerInfoService bis = BrokerInfoService.getProviderBrokerInfoService(null);
        String user = request.getMessageProperty (Constants.USER);
        String pass = request.getMessageProperty (Constants.PASSWORD);
        String respMsg = bis.getBrokerInfo(request, user, pass);
        ReadOnlyResponseMessage rorm = ReadOnlyMessageFactory.createResponseMessage();
        rorm.setResponseMessage (respMsg);
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