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        // TODO: cleanup, getScriptObject() should be used!!!
        if (domNode instanceof DomElement && !(domNode instanceof HtmlElement)) {
            scriptable = new Element();
        else if (domNode instanceof DomAttr) {
            final Attr attribute;
            if (getPage().getWebClient().getBrowserVersion().isIE()) {
                attribute = new XMLAttr();
            else {
                attribute = new Attr();
            scriptable = attribute;
        else {
            return super.makeScriptableFor(domNode);
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     * @return the replaced attribute node, if any
    public Attr jsxFunction_setAttributeNode(final Attr newAtt) {
        final String name = newAtt.jsxGet_name();
        final String value = newAtt.jsxGet_value();
        final Attr replacedAtt = (Attr) jsxFunction_getAttributeNode(name);
        if (replacedAtt != null) {
        getDomNodeOrDie().setAttribute(name, value);
        return replacedAtt;
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