Package com.canoo.webtest.engine

Examples of com.canoo.webtest.engine.Configuration

   * Creates the default configuration to use if no <configuration> was
   * present in the ant file.
   * @return the configuration
  protected Configuration createDefaultConfiguration() {
        final Configuration configuration = new Configuration(this);
        LOG.debug("Default configuration created: host=" + configuration.getHost() +
            ", port=" + configuration.getPort() +
            ", protocol=" + configuration.getProtocol());
        return configuration;
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      credentialsProvider.addCredentials(fUserName, fPassword);
    final Configuration config = context.getConfig();
    final String customInitializerClassName = config.getExternalProperty(CONNECTION_INITIALIZER_KEY);
    if (customInitializerClassName != null) {
      invokeCustomInitializer(context, customInitializerClassName);
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