Package com.asakusafw.bulkloader.transfer

Examples of com.asakusafw.bulkloader.transfer.FileList$Writer

   * @param context
   * @return
  private static GeneratorResult execute(String grammarFile, final boolean forwardRef) {
    final Writer writer = new PrintWriter();
    // TODO: Fix this!
    ParsingSettings parsingSettings = new ParsingSettings() {
      public boolean isForwardRef() {
        return forwardRef;
    grammarFile = Util.replaceSlash(grammarFile);
    writer.writeln("  Reading grammar \"" + grammarFile + "\"");
    GrammarParser parser = new GrammarParser(new IGrammarFactoryFactory() {
      public IGrammarFactory getFactory(int phase) {
        return new ParserFactory(writer);
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      readers[i]=new Reader(pricesInfo);
      threadsReader[i]=new Thread(readers[i]);
    // Creates a writer and a thread to run it
    Writer writer=new Writer(pricesInfo);
    Thread threadWriter=new Thread(writer);
    // Starts the threads
    for (int i=0; i<5; i++){
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