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      if (unrolled.numVariables () == 0) return 0;   // Happens if all nodes are pruned.

      /* Save the expected value of each feature for when we
         compute the gradient. */
      Assignment observations = unrolled.getAssignment ();
      double value = collectExpectationsAndValue (unrolled, observations);

      if (Double.isNaN (value)) {
        System.out.println("NaN on instance "+i+" : "+instance.getName ());
        printDebugInfo (unrolled);
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    void printDebugInfo (ACRF.UnrolledGraph unrolled)
      acrf.print (System.err);
      Assignment assn = unrolled.getAssignment ();
      for (Iterator it = unrolled.unrolledVarSetIterator (); it.hasNext();) {
        ACRF.UnrolledVarSet clique = (ACRF.UnrolledVarSet);
        System.out.println("Clique "+clique);
        dumpAssnForClique (assn, clique);
        Factor ptl = unrolled.factorOf (clique);
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